Exploring a City

Exploring a City

BY SuperCity Aparthotels 13-12-2023

At Supercity we’re always on the lookout for the most unique and smart ways of exploring cities. Like a fingerprint, everyone has a unique way of doing things – but here are some nifty tips we’ve picked up from our eleven years in the business.


Finding Authentic Food Spots

When it comes to exploring a new city, this can be one of the most difficult skills to acquire. All too often, the highest quality local food is hidden away from view whilst the main roads are full of the big restaurant chains you can visit back at home.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, though, this issue is disappearing. There are numerous nifty apps that give you very reliable recommendations for the best authentic local food. LocalEats, for example, aggregates reviews and opinions from bloggers, online reviews and food critics in order to carefully rank each place nearby. Our favourite, though, is Localfu, which connects you to a long-time local resident for an honest chat about all the best spots, food or otherwise, nearby.

Discussion Forums – For Honest Recommendations

Whether you’re after a great hidden food spot or a local day trip, we always recommend checking out online discussion forums. These are spaces that tend to be void of advertisement and full of like-minded travellers sharing their honest recommendations based on experience. The best places for these tend to be the TripAdvisor Travel Forum and Reddit – just search up your question on both and the chances are someone has asked it before!

The ‘Just Walk’ Approach

At Supercity we love a Just Walker. No plan, no schedule, no bookings – just leave the front door and see where the day leads. In their everyday lives the Just Walkers hide amongst us, undetected, but as soon as they’re on their travels and exploring a new city they truly come alive.

The ‘Just Walk’ approach is particularly useful for a city like London, which is full of hidden squares, parks and aesthetic back-alleys. There are few better things than accidentally stumbling upon a miniature green paradise or serene plaza in the middle of a city.

Getting Around

We believe that periods of time you spend on transport between places are not gaps in your leisure time but part of the overall experience. If you pick your routes and travel times wisely then even the shortest bus or rail journey can prove to be memorable and packed with great views.


Whatever way you prefer to explore a new city, Supercity’s aparthotels are the ideal places to stay. Our family-run properties in London, Manchester, and Brighton are popular with travellers of all shapes and sizes, thanks to our spacious suites and ultra-flexible service.