Green Areas in London

Green Areas in London

BY SuperCity Aparthotels 09-01-2024

We love the vibrancy and energy of London life, but sometimes we could all do with a timeout in some calm, green surroundings and fresh natural air. Here’s the good news: there are beautiful green spots dotted around the centre of the city, as quiet and refreshing as any country retreat. So grab your picnic rug and favourite book: here are our five favourite inner-city green areas in London.


Phoenix Garden
It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful, peaceful spot buried any deeper into the heart of a city. Phoenix Garden, located in the middle of Covent Garden, seems to be immune to the hustle and bustle of the world just outside of it, and serves as a perfect spot to slow down time and rest your mind. We also love their charitable commitment to protecting not just their own garden but other green spots around the city, keeping them clean, quiet and wildlife friendly.

Tavistock Square
Best known for its Mahatma Gandhi statue, Tavistock Square is a brilliant place to eat lunch and read a book on a sunny day. It’s hard to believe it lies within minutes of two of the city’s busiest stations – Euston and King’s Cross – as it’s surrounded by residential streets. And if you want to grab some food, you can even visit Speedy’s Sandwich café around the corner, one of the most common locations in the BBC hit show Sherlock!

Regent’s Park
With an idyllic lake, large open fields and beautifully cultivated garden areas, Regent’s Park ticks all the boxes of a perfect inner-city green space. Our favourite sweet spot has to be Queen Mary Gardens, pictured below, which we are reliably told contains over 30,000 rosebushes (although we didn’t count them to verify this!).

Kensington Gardens
Perhaps London’s most peculiar and hard-to-believe secret, Kensington Gardens is home to some very striking greenery – that is, green parakeets! Theories of their origin make for hilarious reading – some say they escaped from a film set in the fifties, whilst others insist that it was Jimi Hendrix who first bred a pair. We don’t really know for sure, but they love life in the city and if you bring some tasty gifts along, they will happily sit on your hand and say hello!


Kyoto Garden
Just a 20-minute walk from Templeton Place, Kyoto Garden is our top pick of all the green areas in London – a small gem nestled in the middle of Holland Park. The garden’s greenery, which includes some striking magnolia and Japanese maple trees, overlooks a waterfall flowing into a pond. If you strike lucky, you can even see some roaming peacocks – and they love showing off their colours!

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