Art Galleries Brighton

Art Galleries Brighton

BY SuperCity Aparthotels 13-12-2023


t’s no secret that we love ambitious, striking artwork and design. In fact, if you’ve stayed with us in the past, you’ll be well aware of how much pride we place in our own collections. So it didn’t take us long after settling down in Brighton to realise that we’d come to the right place; there’s a gallery around every corner filled with inventive, ranging artwork drawing on a huge range of different styles and genres. It’s been very tricky narrowing it down, but here is our selection for the top five art galleries to visit in Brighton.


Zorian Artworks – Brighton Landscape Paintings with a Colourful Twist

Showcasing the world in technicolour, Zorian Matthews is a local favourite within Brighton’s art scene. The most appealing thing about his small gallery on Kings Road is its pure authenticity; you can usually see Zorian hard at work on his latest painting at the back of it, and he’s always up for a chat about his work.

IO Gallery – Championing the Diversity of Local Artists

Good art comes in all different shapes and sizes, and there is no gallery that exemplifies this better than the intimate IO on Sydney Street.

Giving a platform to Brighton’s best locally-produced art, IO is the place to go if you’re a fan of eye-catching sculpture and 3D design. One of our favourite contributors in recent years is Chris Cain, whose magic touch can turn a used tin of chopped tomatoes into a medieval-looking candle holder.

View the video here.


The Cloud Gallery – Showcasing Brighton’s Best Contemporary Art

To be honest, we didn’t think that the world needed a Gucci-branded stormtrooper helmet. That is, until we went to the Cloud Gallery and saw a Gucci-branded stormtrooper helmet. After that, we were sold.

What we like most about the Cloud Gallery is that anyone is free to apply with their own work. Over the years this has led to some real gems being uncovered – one of the most recent being the street-inspired 24-year-old Emily Crook.



Enter Gallery – Sleek, Spacious Modern Exhibition

There isn’t an inch of space wasted at Enter Gallery, one of Brighton’s biggest art showcases. It’s another supernova of vibrant colour and striking design, complete with an expert team on the floor to help you pick out the piece that would best compliment your living room.

Brighton Museum – The Largest and Most Ranging Art Display in Brighton

We couldn’t possibly compile a top five list for Brighton art spots without including the ever-reliable Brighton Museum. Even the venue itself is a work of art, taking residence within the stunning eighteenth-century Royal Pavilion.

The museum’s many exhibitions range from ancient archaeology to modern design, and we highly recommend checking out those that focus on Brighton’s LGBTQ+ history and its deep roots within the local art scene.


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