Aparthotels UK

Aparthotels UK

BY SuperCity Aparthotels 13-12-2023

Yet again, the rising demand for aparthotels was one of the biggest industry trends of the last year. What are the driving forces behind this shift?

After yet another year of strong growth, the serviced apartment has established itself as a mainstay of the hospitality economy. Here are some of our observations on why aparthotels are becoming the go-to for each and every profile of traveller.


The personal touch

What do you do if you’re an enormous hotel chain operating in multiple cities or even countries? For a long time, the answer has been to adopt the standardisation approach – that is, create a general hotel model that just about fits most purposes, and click copy and paste as many times as your heart desires.

This, however, is proving unsustainable. Those visiting cities with rich cultural heritage no longer want to stay in a hotel designed for an entirely different place hundreds of miles away. Indeed, an École hôtelière de Lausanne survey conducted a few months ago has proven that some of the biggest chains are starting to move towards a policy of personalisation – trying to implement more locally-inspired designs and models.

The problem for them is that the serviced apartment industry got there first. Quite a long time ago, in fact. Small hotel suites consisting of little more than a bed and bathroom are difficult to personalise, but when you have spacious living areas and multiple rooms you can take your aparthotel in whatever direction you choose.

What about business travel?

For some it seems surprising that business travellers are making the switch from hotel rooms to apartment suites just as frequently as leisure travellers. But aparthotels have become so popular amongst this demographic because, quite simply, business travellers are humans too! They want the freedom to order food or cook themselves. They want to be able to let loose at the gym, or maybe just collapse onto the sofa, after a long day at work. Ultimately, just like leisure travellers, they want to live their own way.


Separating work and leisure

Something we’re often told by those who come to stay in our suites is that the flexible spaces and multiple rooms allow them to both physically and mentally separate their working life from their personal life. Having a great living area, kitted out with all the entertainment you require, can serve as a useful incentive for a long day at the desk – something to look forward to and work towards throughout the day.


Pet-friendly aparthotels

Being able to bring along a canine companion has proven to be a huge draw among the business travellers who come to stay at Supercity. It’s a great way to avoid some of the pitfalls of being away from family and friends for long stretches of time, and, more importantly, can make for some great photo opportunities in the capital.

Supercity’s spacious aparthotels lie at the heart of three of the finest cities in the UK. Our ultra-flexible service and personal touch combine the perks of quality hotel service with all of the benefits of apartment living. Book now with our limited-time winter offer.