Eco Friendly Travel Tips

Eco Friendly Travel Tips

BY SuperCity Aparthotels 09-01-2024

In our aparthotels we’re always looking to implement those small, day-to-day changes that can make all the difference over time – whether it’s offering reusable laundry bags or conducting nightly ‘energy walks’ to make sure nothing is being unnecessarily wasted. We’ve seen great results born out of the most minuscule of changes, so we want to share our best easy eco-friendly travelling tips with you.


1. Reuse water bottles

Bringing an empty reusable bottle in your luggage. Even when you’re out and about, places like Pret a Manger are very happy to refill your bottle for you (and they even give discounts on hot drinks if you bring your own vessel!).

But if you’re unable to bring a reusable bottle with you, fear not. In our suites we provide bottles from Thirsty Planet, who don’t mess around – not only are their products entirely recyclable from cap to label, but they have also donated over £2 million to Pump Aid, who provide clean water for areas of sub-Saharan Africa suffering the most from climate change.

2. Take public transport!

One of the best common-sense approaches to green travelling is to use public transport as much as possible. We’ve taken a look at the best before, but generally underground trains and trams are both very healthy ways of getting around cities. London and Brighton are also increasingly cyclist-friendly and offer lots of great rental schemes at low costs.


3. Eat Local

When eating out, finding great locally sourced food is a win for everyone; it’s more cost-effective, it has a lower carbon footprint, and it usually tastes much fresher. Although there are plenty of great options across the board, we’ve been particularly impressed by Franco Manca and Wahaca – two delicious chains that are really making their mark in the capital, committed to great organic and local produce.

4. Waste Not, Want Not!

Sometimes when staying away from home it’s easy to fall into wasteful habits, such as taking ultra-long showers and using up more disposable goods than is necessary. Making small changes to be more resourceful with energy and goods doesn’t have to be a sacrifice – it can be as simple as checking all utilities are off before leaving the suite for the day.


5. Take Home Unfinished Products

We come across a lot of barely used toiletries and complimentary products left behind by our guests. In fact, in one survey over 60% of travellers said that they don’t take home complimentary hotel products. We simply say: go ahead! They’re super easy to fit into bags and fine to take in plane luggage.


If you’re looking to travel green in London, Manchester or Brighton, Supercity’s aparthotels are the ideal places to stay. We’re constantly evolving our luxury suites to make them as eco-friendly as possible without sacrificing an inch of quality. Check out our unbeatable locations now.