Manchester Green Spots

Manchester Green Spots

BY SuperCity Aparthotels 12-12-2023


We’ve always believed that an injection of greenery can turn a great city break into an unforgettable one. In fact, it’s one of the reasons we came to love Manchester so much; the vibrant inner-city life is matched by the unmistakeable peace and quiet of the city’s surrounding rural spaces. Fresh from some soothing winter walks and country pub lunches, we’ve compiled our top five green areas within an hour of Manchester.

1. Macclesfield Forest – For a stunning woodland walk near Manchester

No, that’s not the woodlands of Alaska. Nor are they the autumnal colours of rural Romania. It is, in fact, Macclesfield Forest – a hugely underrated gem in the heart of Cheshire and one of our favourite green areas near Manchester. All you need to do is take a 20-minute Crosscountry or Northern train down from Manchester to Macclesfield, and then it’s just a short bus or taxi until you’re surrounded by natural beauty for as far as the eye can see.


2. Peak District National Park – Greenery for miles around

The location of many well-known film and TV classics, the Peak District is supposedly the second most visited national park in the world. It’s also one of those rare delights where the journey there can be just as pleasant as the destination; the bus from Whaley Bridge train station to the park itself passes some beautiful stretches of water and greenery.

3. Peel Tower – The ultimate pub walk near Manchester

A visit to Peel Tower near Bury ticks all the boxes of the perfect countryside pub walk. You can pass through some beautiful empty woodland, walk alongside a river, stop off at any number of hearty local pubs on the way, before taking in some of the finest views the north of England has to offer.


4. Lyme Park – Best wildlife near Manchester

Lyme Park is best known for its stunning historic country house at its front, but for us the true magic of this area is hidden in its lesser explored corners. If you veer off the beaten track you can come across herds of deer, birds of prey and a range of other small woodland mammals. On a sunny afternoon we recommend stopping off at the Timber Yard Café for a quick iced tea along the way.

5. Fletcher Moss – The quickest green excursion in Manchester

Located just a 20-minute journey away from Manchester Piccadilly, Fletcher Moss is probably best described as the Kew Gardens of the north. The most beautiful aspect of this vibrant park is its heritage – a century ago it was owned by a high-ranking councillor, but in the true spirit of Manchester he believed it belonged to every citizen and so he donated it to the public. It’s all too clear to see how much pride is stored within the gardens – the plants and flowers are maintained immaculately all the year round.

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